Eastsail Yachts
Eastsail Yachts
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Background Eastsail Yachts - Specializing in World Class Pocket Cruisers.

22 Foot Daysailer - 22 Foot Weekender - 25 Foot Coastal Cruiser
25 Foot Offshore - 25 Foot Pilot House Cutter
30 Foot Classic Pilot House - 30 Foot Classic
Traditional, full keel sailboats from 22 feet to 30 feet.

Construction of our new boat, a 25' Eastsail All Weather 25 (Cutter) began in October 2011 and is expected to be complete in the summer of 2012. Click here if you'd like more information...

Eastsail Yachts
Eastsail Yachts
Eastsail Yachts
Eastsail Yachts
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